ISP, INDOT Remind Drivers to Move Over, Slow Down

ISP_logo_1Indiana drivers are being reminded to move over when an emergency vehicle’s stopped on a road with its lights flashing. The Indiana State Police and the Indiana Department of Transportation are teaming up for the “Move Over, Slow Down” safety blitz happening Monday through Friday of next week.

The state’s “Move Over” law means that drivers should change lanes away from emergency vehicles if they can do so safely. If not, they should reduce their speed to 10 miles per hour under the posted speed limit and proceed with caution. However, drivers are told not to stop in the roadway, since that can cause a chain reaction crash with the cars behind you. The law not only requires drivers to move over for police cars and ambulances, but also fire trucks, rescue equipment, incident response vehicles, maintenance and utility service vehicles, and tow trucks.

The safety blitz will require drivers to move over or slow down for INDOT’s Hoosier Helpers vehicles.

The “Move Over” law aims to reduce injuries and increase safety for emergency responders and maintenance professionals.