Health Officials Urge Flu Vaccination

With flu season right around the corner, now’s the time to get a flu shot.

That’s according to the public health nurse for Marshall County, Katie Amidei, “It’s good now because they can take up to two weeks to be effective.”

She says the flu vaccine’s recommended for those age six months and up, but some people have a higher risk of catching the flu virus than others, “The younger and the older are more susceptible or the immune-compromised, but everybody should really get them.”

Although some side effects are possible with the vaccine, Amidei says the risks are low compared to the worse effects that can come from the flu itself. She says there are also options available for those who can’t get a regular flu shot, “If they have allergies to a certain ingredient in the flu shot, they should talk to their doctors, and there may be a possible alternative shot without the component in it.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you should let the person giving you the shot know if you have any severe allergies or if you’re not feeling well. They also say that while it’s possible to get the vaccine and still get the flu, the symptoms should be less severe.