Fire Marshal Stresses Importance of Smoke Alarms and Escape Plans

fireHaving working smoke alarms is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself from a fire.

That’s according to Indiana State Fire Marshal James Greeson. This week’s Indiana Fire Prevention Week, and Greeson’s offering tips to help residents be more prepared. These include putting smoke alarms in each bedroom, outside every sleeping area, and on every floor of the home, including the basement. Additionally, you should test the alarms every month, change their batteries at least every six months, and replace smoke alarms every eight to ten years. It’s also important to know which type of smoke alarm you’re getting. Some are designed to detect fast-moving fires while others are better at sensing slower-burning, smokier fires, but you can get alarms that are a combination of both. Greeson says having a working smoke alarm in the home makes you 50 percent more likely to escape safely.

It’s also important to have an escape plan, though, and to pick out a place away from the home for everyone to meet. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security says this week’s also a good time for businesses and schools to schedule fire drills to make sure everyone knows the escape plans.

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