Deer Archery Season Opens Today

Deer hunting season is officially underway in Indiana. Today marks the start of archery season, which runs through Jan. 3, 2016. All hunters must have a license and must use legal archery equipment as defined by the DNR.

These include long bows, compound bows or recurve bows and arrows. The bow must have a pull of at least 35 pounds. Arrows must be tipped with broadheads that are metal, metal-edged or napped flint; chert or obsidian.

Crossbows are also legal hunting equipment. They must have a mechanical safety and pull of at least 125 pounds. An archery or crossbow license is required. Hunters who possess a valid Lifetime Comprehensive Hunting or Lifetime Comprehensive Hunting/Fishing License can also legally hunt during archery season, as can those with an deer license bundle, bonus antlerless license or youth license. Visit for more information about deer hunting regulations in Indiana. Deer can be harvested from one half hour before sunrise until one half hour after sunset.