Marshall County in Heated Race for Regional Cities Grant Funds

Marshall County’s North Central Economic Development Region has been joined by six others in vying for state Regional Cities Initiative grant funds.

Regional Cities is a program developed at the state level to provide funding for the attraction and retention of population. The state has identified population loss as a threat to economic growth and prosperity.

Marshall County has combined forces with St. Joseph and Elkhart counties to develop a projects list for review by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

According to a summary of the grant application, the North Central Region is looking to focus on high education and community partnerships. Major investments in “quality of place” projects were also noted on the application.

The North Central Region is joined by areas covering almost every part of the state. Receipt of funds is no guarantee as local economic development officials have consistently reminded the public. The funds would be distributed over the course of two years.

According to information provided by the IEDC, a strategic review committee will now hold several meetings over the coming months to determine who will receive grant funds.

The committee’s recommendation will be finalized by the IEDC’s Board later this year.