Marshall County Continues Work on FEMA Emergency Funds Request

Work continues from Marshall County’s perspective to gain federal assistance following major storms in June and July of this year.

The area received record-breaking rainfall, damaging crops and flooding roads. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, however, denied Indiana’s request for certain funds to help repair damage caused by the storms.

Marshall County EMA Director Clyde Avery says there are two perspectives on the issue.

“The state of Indiana’s position is that this was a continuous event, from June 7th ending in July and FEMA’s position is that it was separate events,” says Avery.

Work is being done in Indiana to collect additional damage reports and speak with field experts to help determine whether the storms were continuous or separate.

Apart from collecting more damage assessment, Marshall County also needs to prepare an impact statement. That document discusses the effect of the storms on resident’s livelihoods.

Avery says there’s very specific items that can be reported.

“Whatever expenses you had for flood fight operations, whether that’s: going out and putting up barricades, cleaning out storm drains; to damage to roads, bridges, and culverts; parks water treatment facilities, whatever that may be,” says Avery.

So far, only the Town of Bourbon and the Marshall County Highway Department have contributed information to that report.

As of right now, FEMA would only consider granting emergency funds for public infrastructure. Private infrastructure thresholds have not been met.

If the emergency fund requirements are met, Marshall County would be eligible for 70-percent reimbursement from FEMA.