Four Nominees Vying for Marshall County Sheriff

Four names have filed with the Marshall County Clerk’s office to seek the office of Sheriff in Marshall County.

The Republican Party plans to caucus on September 29th to make its selection for the office. A vacancy was opened following the death of Tom Chamberlin – who had an extended battle with cancer.

For now, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department is running with a core group of individuals to oversee operations. That will soon come to an end with Dan Butt, Duane Culp, Ward Byers, and John Karris filing for the office.

The Republican Precinct Committee, consisting of about 26 members, will be the deciding votes in the race. A simple majority will win the election with the fewest number of votes being eliminated after a few rounds until a majority is achieved.

Any candidate elected to the office of Sheriff would sit in the role until 2018. Among those running are Court Services and Sheriff’s Department employees.

The Marshall County Republicans will caucus at 6:00 p.m. at Republican Party Headquarters in Plymouth.