Board of Animal Health Lifts Bird Movement Ban Today

The Indiana Board of Animal Health has decided to lift their ban on the movement of poultry, today.

A ban was put in place on the movement of poultry to shows and trade events earlier this year after commingling of the birds was thought to be the culprit for the spread of the H5 avian influenza virus, or bird flu.

County fairs around the state found themselves tasked with finding alternatives to the bird shows during 4-H events and other festivals.

September 17th designates 90 days since the last case of the bird flue was identified in the United States. Now that the ban has been lifted, additional recordkeeping is required to provide a way to trace any future disease outbreaks. That record keeping includes records of sales and purchases to their flocks.

Those records will now be kept by poultry farmers for three years and may be requested during future BOAH investigations.