Storm Damage Assessments Underway Locally

A few local counties are among the 29 in which local, state and federal officials have started assessing damage from recent storms. The assessments are part of the multi-step process to determine whether Indiana qualifies for public assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to repair damage caused by severe weather and flooding between June 7th and July 29th. Such assistance reimburses government and some nonprofit agencies for eligible expenses. Locally the list of counties being evaluated includes Marshall, Fulton and Pulaski.

Evaluation teams are comprised of local representatives, Indiana Department of Homeland Security and FEMA officials. Teams will include representatives from those counties, Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

FEMA public assistance grants are provided to governments and certain nonprofit organizations that provide an essential government service. If approved they will pay 75 percent of eligible expenses for damage to roads, bridges, utilities, the contests of buildings, water control facilities, parks and recreational facilities and others. Funds can also be used to cover debris removal and emergency protective measures like traffic control and rescue operations.

The review is not a guarantee of funds. No timeline for such a decision was provided.