Marshall County Included in State E. Coli Investigation

The Indiana State Department of Health is investigating in Marshall County after individuals in three Indiana counties have succumbed to symptoms of E. coli.

State health officials are looking to determine the cause of the bacteria with the help of local health professionals in Fulton, Wabash, and Marshall Counties. Three individuals have been confirmed as ill with the E. coli bacteria. Six total cases are being investigated.

E. coli is an illness that is spread through contact with human or animal feces according to health experts. The ISDH says symptoms can include vomiting, stomach cramping, and diarrhea; typically lasting five to 10 days.

Complications can develop that may require hospitalization. Serious cases can even involve death. Among the six cases under investigation, one death is included according to the State Department of Health.

Hand-washing is considered the best way to prevent the spread of the illness. Completely cooking food is also considered necessary to destroy the bacteria before consumption.