Marshall County Election Board Establishes Absentee Voting Days

The Marshall County Election Board has made several recommendations while preparing for November’s General Election.

Tuesday morning’s meeting brought with it several resolutions that establish dates for absentee voting, elections in certain districts, and appointing assistant poll clerks at polling sites.

According to the documents, absentee voting will be smattered throughout October on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after starting on the 6th and carrying through November 2nd.

Clerk Debbie Vandemark says the days allowed are different from the municipal primary election.

“We want to have the availability so they can come in and vote, but on the other hand, I think we can justify that we can get by with two to three days per week instead of five days a week,” says Vandemark.

About 250 absentee voting applications are expected in Marshall County. According to the Clerk’s office, that carries an estimated cost of $3,200.

Plymouth, Argos, and Culver will have an election based on candidate filings of more than one candidate competing for an office. Bremen, Bourbon, and LaPaz will not have an election in certain districts without competitive races.

In keeping with past practice, the Election Board also resolved to appoint assistant clerks at polling sites on November 3rd. Vandemark says that when it was decided how many poll pads the County was going to order, there had three polling places that had a larger number of registered voters.

“Center 3 and 4 was one of those poll sites,” says Vandemark. “So in the past they have had assistant poll clerks and we assume they are going to want them again this fall.”

The Board recommended all three resolutions unanimously.