Culver Tree Group Moves Closer to Building Fence

A group working to preserve the historic weeping mulberry tree in the Culver Town Park is moving ahead with its efforts to build a fence that would allow the tree to remain in the park.

The “Save Our Tree” group has secured a bid for an aluminum fence for $3500, but before they can formally accept the bid, they need to raise the money. So far, they have raised $2,225. On top of the cost of the fence, they hope to raise another $500 for landscaping. They originally had a goal of $8,000, in order to buy a wrought-iron fence, but they have since decided on a less expensive alternative. The fence would be four feet high and over 100 feet long.

The leader of the “Save Our Tree” group, Ruth Tamminga, says she hopes the fence could be installed as soon as this fall, “The donations have slowed a bit, and so I’m hoping people step up to the plate and send us $5, $10, $20, $500, whatever they can spare so that we can get this done.”

The tree is over 100 years old and Tamminga says that visitors are often attracted to the tree, “Because it’s got such really interesting twisting, low branches, it’s real easy for a kid to get over there and sit on it. Lot’s of people like to have their pictures taken with the tree in the background or sitting on the tree.”

But that can pose problems. The tree is in delicate condition, which could make it dangerous to people sitting on it or kids trying to climb it. The Culver Park Board decided that a fence would have to be built, or the tree would be removed.

Those who wish to contribute can donate using the group’s GoFundMe account.