PSCS Launches Anonymous Tip Program

A new program is being launched by the Plymouth Community School Corporation that allows students and staff to submit anonymous tips to law enforcement online. The tips will be directly delivered to Corporal Bridget Hite, the student resource officer and current member of the Plymouth Police Department.

All PCSC security staff will also have access to the provided tips but will be unable to trace the origin. The program is intended to give staff and students the freedom to report anything that they believe could be criminal in nature, that has already happened or that may happen in the future.

School officials are hoping that since the system allows for anonymity it will spark more participation. Superintendent Dan Tyree believes there is great potential in the program but expressed that participation is key. He went on to say it will only work if the students and staff will use it.

Director of Safety and Security at PCSC, Ted Brown, explained the goal with this technology is to make Plymouth Community School Corporation as safe as possible. At the same time he believes this service could strengthening the relationship between the security services and students and faculty through improved communication and awareness.

The form includes three simple steps. First it asks what type of incident would you like to report and lists options such as alcohol use, bullying, drug use, vandalism and other potential concerns. The second question asks where the crime happened or where it will take place. The third section prompts the informant to describe the incident in as much detail possible. Director Brown said his department is putting the finishing touches on the new internal online anonymous reporting system in order for it to be ready to launch on the first day of the new school year.