Plymouth Signage Changes Locations Slightly, Work to Begin Soon

Gateway signage for the City of Plymouth will be moved slightly.

During a meeting last month, the Plymouth Board of Works approved a memorandum of understanding with Marshall County to place a sign welcoming visitors to Plymouth in the roundabout at Michigan Road and Veteran’s Parkway.

Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi says initial plans have been altered slightly.

“The sign contractor that was selected said that it would be ideal that rather than place the sign in the roundabout, to place the sign kind of on the Southwest corner of the roundabout,” says Surrisi.

A committee was designated to find locations for the signs and develop their look. Members decided that the new placement was more suited for the sign.

The sign would be placed on a hill, but a tree needs to be removed from the site in order to make way for the construction. The City of Plymouth has been in contract with the adjacent property owner asking permission for workers to use the site during construction.

Surrisi says the responsibilities of the County and City are outlined in the understanding agreement.

“The way that this is remaining, and to give flexibility for future phases of the signage, the City is going to maintain the grass inside the roundabout still, and the area around the sign,” says Surrisi.

Marshall County has previously approved the memorandum of understanding to construct the sign on County property. The Plymouth Board of Works accepted the memo – which was ratified later in the evening by the Plymouth Common Council.

The tree was slated for removal this week. Construction on the sign will begin with the help of a contractor next week.