PCSC Food Service Update

The student meal cost for breakfast and lunch at all Plymouth Community Schools will remain the same as last year. Breakfast is offered daily and costs $1.10 for all students. Lunch costs vary depending on grades. For students in Kindergarten or grades first through sixth lunch is $1.85. For students in seventh grade and higher lunch will cost $1.95.

Although student prices have remained the same, adult meal prices have increased slightly. Breakfast for adults was previously $1.35 and will now cost $1.50. Adult lunch prices had a 25 cents increase from $2.50 to $2.75.

Another change to the food services at PCSC is happening over at the high school. Plymouth High School Head cook Jane Williams is excited to report students and staff will soon be able to dish out their lunch from a brand new freestanding hot food bar.

Williams and her staff have already revamped their daily lunch menu to include yummy combinations in the new warming bar, plus PHS will still offer all you can eat fruit and veggie bar with every lunch purchase. Monday will feature a baked potato bar, Tuesday will have a tacos or fajitas, Wednesday will feature pasta, Thursday will have a sub bar and Friday will feature hamburgers or hot dogs.

The new unit will help the PHS cafeteria present hot food in a self-serve buffet type setting. The food will stay hot with standard 1000-watt elements.