Marshall County to Consider Eliminating Compensation Time

The Marshall County Council set out to change compensation time, but wound up considering a different proposal.

Judi Stone represents the Personnel Committee to the Council – which was tasked with considering which department pays built-up compensation time if a county employee transfers between departments.

Stone says the department the employee is leaving should pay the compensation time.

“A lot of that was based on pay, budget items, etc. and it’s cleaner,” says Stone.

The Personnel Committee unanimously made the recommendation.

More than one County Council member expressed concerns with the proposal. That led to a recommendation that Marshall County should do away with compensation time for its employees, entirely.

Councilman Matt Hassel says compensation time creates quite a mess.

“You give a person comp. time off, or you pay a person overtime, or additional comp. time so you didn’t end up paying them overtime,” says Hassel. “It’s just a no-win situation.”

The request was sent to the Personnel Committee for further consideration. It is currently thought that eliminating compensation time would raise overtime costs.

The Council will consider the request in the near future.