Marshall County Candidates Close-in on Deadline for Town Conventions

The candidate list is inching closer to finalization for Towns hosting conventions in Marshall County.

According to information released by the Marshall County Clerk’s office, several Towns have competitive races – while others simply have candidates registered.

In Argos, Republicans Patricia Jones and Lisa Mullaney have filed to run for Clerk-Treasurer. Edward Barcus and Dustin Johnson are running for Argos Town Council seats. Bourbon has incumbent Clerk-Treasurer Kimberly Berger slated to run while Republicans Philip Hanley, Larry Wattenbarger, and Juli Stauffer are running for the Town Council seats.

The Town of Culver has Republican Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim running for her seat again while Jean Rakich and Joel Samuelson have filed to run for the Town Council this November.

Candidates running for seats in Towns with conventions have until August 3rd to either declare their candidacy or remove their names from the list of considerations.