July and August Deadlines Driving Potential November Candidates

A deadline for candidates seeking office in Starke and Marshall County has finally arrived.

Candidates seeking a position in both Plymouth and Bremen are expected to submit the necessary paperwork to declare their candidacy by noon today. According to the Marshall County Clerk of the Court’s office, communities hosting a Town Convention, such as Argos, have a slightly different candidate filing deadline of August 3rd.

Starke County has the same deadline as Marshall County with a candidate deadline of July 6th for vacant positions. Towns such as North Judson hosting a convention will also have an August 3rd deadline to declare their candidacy for the November Municipal General Election.

Pulaski County – which did not hold a primary election – believes themselves slightly different in their schedules. According to the Clerk’s office, candidates have a July 6th deadline to declare their candidacy to be a write-in candidate.

August 21st is the date Pulaski County says needs to be observed for Towns choosing candidates through a convention.