Culver Park Board Takes Action Regarding the Weeping Mulberry Tree

mulberryMonday night, the Culver Park Board approved the proposed plan to preserve a piece of park history. The weeping mulberry tree that was previously slated for removal will now remain in the park. The tree, which has been growing in the park for more than a century, is in delicate condition.

This poses a potential danger if curious kids try to climb it. To avoid any incidents and to keep with the park’s aesthetic, a decorative wrought-iron fence as well as additional landscaping must be put in place in order to protect the tree and beautify the surrounding perimeter. The ‘Save Our Tree Fund’ has been established in order to obtain the $8,000 it will cost to provide the fence and landscaping. Community members can contribute in two different ways: they can use their credit card and make a donation to the GoFundMe account set up for the cause or they can write out a check payable to “Culver Town Park Gift Fund – “Save Our Tree” and mail it to PO Box 189, Culver, IN 46511.