Culver One Step Closer to EMS Transition

The Culver Town Council has taken an additional step to establish the Town’s own EMS Department.

Council members have worked for months to improve emergency medical services by moving the Culver-Union Township EMS Department, which is volunteer-based, to a Town service.

During Tuesday night’s Culver Town Council meeting, a public hearing on the ordinance establishing the service was held. Town Attorney Jim Clevenger says the Department will be run in conjunction with Union Township.

“I know there’s been conversations with the Township about their contributions, and we’ve tried to set-up through the ordinance and through a separate inter-governmental agreement for emergency medical services – which includes fire – because that’s the previous intergovernmental agreement, what kind of contributions the Town is going to make,” says Clevenger.

The Town Council has held numerous work sessions to develop Standard Operating Procedures, hire a Director and Assistant Director, and compare future wages of the employees with neighboring communities. The new EMS Department is already operating.

Now that the changes have been put into ordinance form, Culver is nearly finished with the transition.

Clevenger says there’s also a hierarchy for handling problems.

“Both from the public and from employees so that ultimately if things are such that the director can’t handle them, then they’re brought to the council for consideration,” says Clevenger.

No citizen concerns were heard during last night’s meeting.

The Culver Town Council approved the ordinance on first reading. The measure will now go to second and possibly third reading at the next meeting.