Culver Expecting New Medical Office in Main Street Building

Culver could soon welcome a new medical office to the community.

During Tuesday night’s Culver Plan Commission meeting, a site plan was submitted for review by St. Joseph Health Systems. The location of the medical office will be on the first floor of the Main Street Building just south of Culver’s Downtown.

Building Commissioner Russ Mason says he senses a bit of urgency with the construction.

“I get the feeling that there is a sense of urgency because they called about a building permit a couple of weeks ago and that’s when I told them that the first step was the site plan review,” says Mason. “I’m sure they’re going to approach us next week to get the building permit.”

No timeline for an opening has been given for completion of the future medical office.

The office site was previously a beauty salon, but that business closed their doors. The space has been vacant since that time. The Culver Plan Commission probed St. Joseph Health System on the number of examination rooms and employees that would work at the location.

Mason says the site plan review is a step in the process.

“It’s just a general approval of the plan,” says Mason. “It’s kind of a formality you’ve got to go through when you change the use of a building, or create a new business of some sort.”

Now that the site plan has been reviewed by the Plan Commission, a building permit can be given to begin construction.

Walls and plumbing need to be reworked to make way for the new medical office.