Ancilla College Adds New Certificate Programs

Several new certificate offerings at Ancilla College are designed to help people quickly get into the workforce. Director of Marketing and Social Media Amanda Petrucelli says Ancilla is a two-year school, but officials there acknowledge some people don’t have that much time. The certificate programs are 30 credit hours each and can be done in two semesters. Offerings include criminal justice, business administration, exercise science, general studies, behavioral science, logistics and administrative medical assistant.

Petrucelli says the shorter completion time allows students to bump up their resumes in a short amount of time, which gives them a competitive edge in the job market and shows prospective employers they are really serious about their field.

She says enrolling in the certificate program also gives students a chance to test out a career like criminal justice. Often she says students aren’t quite sure what they want to do and wind up taking a sampling of classes while they try to figure it out. If they are not able to finish a two-year program for whatever reason, they don’t have anything beyond some college credit hours to show for it. Petrucelli says the finishing the certificate program shows you have followed through on your intent.

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