Wednesday is Ancilla Gives Day

Ancilla is hosting a 24 hour fundraiser on June 24th that encourages supporters to donate to the local junior college and assist them in finishing out the fiscal year strong. On this day people are prompted to make a donation of at least $24 to the Ancilla fund which provides financial aid to students. Ninety-three percent of Ancilla College students receive financial aid and 43 percent of student families are in a category that can afford zero dollars toward tuition.

Every little bit helps provide aid where it is most needed. President Ken Zirkle said “Even $24 puts us that much closer to giving another student the opportunity to earn a college degree and better their future.”

Although amounts such as $240 and $2,400 would also be gratefully accepted by the foundation, any amount is beneficial. Vice President of Development Todd Zeltwanger, said “An online gift of $24 during the 24 hours of June 24 will allow us to finish the year with some momentum heading into a new year July 1.”

Donations can be submitted by visiting or calling 1-866-ANCILLA (262-4552).