Warmer Weather Brings New Activities to Lake Maxinkuckee

The Culver Park Department is gearing up for new activities available on the water this summer.

The Town entered into an agreement earlier this year to provide Kayak and Paddleboard rentals for the season. After going through a bid process, Sail22 has been able to provide the equipment needed to participate.

Park Director Marc Hayden says it’s another way to get people to the lake.

“We’re anticipating a pretty good turnout for this and here again, being a first time event, we understand it’s going to take some time to develop,” says Hayden. “But now that activity will be right here at the Culver Beach.”

It is the goal of the Culver Park Department to take over the offerings to make them a public service. Money, staff, and resources are currently standing in the way. A plan is in place however with the goal of eventually taking over the services.

The Maxinkuckee Yacht Club is also sharing that section of the park for sailboats. Lessons will be offered during the year for interested children.

Hayden says what were once private lessons are now public.

“They’ve recently purchased 10 new sailing boats for people to learn, young kids to learn how to sail in. It’s basically a $15 membership to be part of that club, and people who can’t afford it, there will be scholarships available that will be covered by different individuals,” says Hayden.

With the weather breaking, a good turnout is expected for the offerings that will really be on full display this weekend.

Culver Beach will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.