Updates to Culver Community Schools’ Handbooks

Removing the outdated rule about bringing beepers, boom-boxes and portable TVs to school was just one of the many handbooks amendments addressed during Monday evening’s Culver Community school board meeting.

The most significant change, according to middle and high school principal Brett Berndt, is the schedule shift at the high school. The student resource time that once took place at the end of the day will now take place immediately following first period. The change will allow vocational students, who leave after lunch, to participate in any meetings that may take place during that time.

Berndt says he hopes the shift in schedule will also assist productivity, “At the end of the day, students usually shut down, they didn’t use that 20 minutes very wisely. Hopefully now at the end of first period they’ll use it more beneficial to them.”

This change will only affect classes Monday through Thursday due to the fact that SRT doesn’t take place on Fridays because of early dismissal. The middle school will see the same changes to their bell schedule since home room has been moved from the end of the day to the end of first period.

The elementary school hand book had changes made to include new staff. The school calender and schedule were updated. Parents will be notified about absences on the first of every month and absences will roll over at the end of the semester. Letters will be sent home after 5, 10, 15 and 20 absences are logged. The letters sent after 15 or more unexcused absences will include a warning that the school has the ability to notify county agencies if deemed necessary.

One addition made to all three handbooks was an amendment regarding pesticide application. Parents can now sign up to be notified when pesticides are being applied.