Triton School Board Approves Ongoing Renovation Purchases

The Triton School Board agreed to the purchase of several items to continue updating and renovating its buildings.

A bond was issued, generating $1.5-million in revenue for the school corporation to use on the projects. The money has so far been used to develop of a new maintenance building and provide new carpeting in the schools.

Superintendent Donna Burroughs says the projects don’t stop there

“We’re trying to replace tile that’s marked up or broken and that type of thing so it’s one bond project and there are lots of things happening with it,” says Burroughs.

Many of Triton’s buildings are between 25 and 55 years old, meaning it has been some time since work has been undertaken.

The school board on Monday night approved the purchases of desks and chairs for students, as well as an electronic device to help monitor fuel consumption.

Burroughs says revenue was also combined with a K21 Health Foundation grant for an exercise facility.

“We’re converting one of our rooms to use that equipment,” says Burroughs. “It will be for staff and student use, but also for the community use so we purchased some tiles and things as part of redoing that room so it can be used as a wellness room for fitness.”

The Triton School Board approved the project quotes for the ongoing work.

Board members also approved textbook rentals. According to Burroughs, no textbooks were updated, meaning there were few changes that needed to be considered.