Town Council Moves Ahead With Second Lowest Bid for Roof Repairs

The Culver Town Council found itself with a few questions to answer following their last meeting.

Town Council members met last night where roof repairs to both the Town Hall and the Sewer building were re-addressed. Repairs were bid in March of this year.

The business that was initially awarded the work, however, did not include the price of labor in their estimate.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist says he was instructed to speak with the second lowest bid.

“I was supposed to check with the second lowest bidder on the Town Hall re-roof and the sewer plant. I did get a response back,” says Leist.

The second lowest bid was contacted on the advice of Town Attorney Jim Clevenger to see if they would still honor their bid price from March.

Work with the initial company was stopped when it was learned that their bid would have put them at a loss for the project.

Leist says the second bid is a bit more than the initial low bid.

“The second bidder is willing to do it at the price quoted which is $36,795 for the basic job, plus materials for any replacement of the plywood roof board if that needs to be done,” says Leist.

While higher priced, the second lowest bid is considered a more accurate cost estimate.

The Town Council approved allowing the second company to complete the work, unanimously.