Riverside Students Follow Doghouse Campaign with Thousands Raised for Cancer Research

Students in the Plymouth School Corporation are learning about health and, at the same time, raising funds for cancer research.

Riverside Intermediate School raised $3,500 and presented a check on Tuesday to Marshall County Relay for Life. This is the second year the school has undertaken several events to help fundraise for a cure, according to a news release.

Relay for Life is the largest fundraising effort of the American Cancer Society – which contributes funds to cancer research. Community members typically camp all-night, play games, and walk the track as a way to raise awareness of cancer and its effect on individuals and families.

Raising the funds was part of a process for Riverside Intermediate School students. The 100 class members making up the student body held a week-long “spirit days” and a two-day “funfair” to attract donations.

Monies given to the American Cancer Society follows hundreds of dollars students were able to raise for the Marshall County Humane Society in a separate venture.

Relay for Life of Marshall County takes place over the weekend at Lincoln Junior High School.