Retired Plymouth Officer Waiting for Handgun Decision

A member of the Plymouth Police Force has decided to retire, but whether or not his firearm is coming with him remains to be seen.

Officer Ted Brown worked with the Plymouth Police Department for more than 20 years, and most recently became the Director of School Safety for the Plymouth School Corporation.

The Plymouth Board of Public Works recognized Brown for his time with the department. Brown says he’s grateful for the opportunity.

“The City took a chance and gave me a job so I wanted to say thank you,” says Brown. “The way it went down with my new job, it went down very quickly, and I did not get to address a lot of people that have really helped me out over the years.”

Separate from the recognition was a resolution that would designate Brown’s city issued handgun as surplus property. By doing so, the gun could then be owned by the retiring officer, but also act as a keepsake from his time with the City.

The measure was considered, but a member of the public, who identified himself as a former member of the police force, questioned whether that was even possible. Officials deferred to City Attorney Sean Surrisi who recommended tabling the matter until additional research could be conducted.

Brown reflected positively about his time with the police department.

“I was very fortunate,” says Brown. “So it was my honor to serve the City of Plymouth.”

Brown started with the Police Department in July of 1994.

Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter shared stories from Brown’s early career, including a small mishap that resulted in lost cannabis during a cub scouts demonstration.

The Board of Works tabled the handgun issuance until their next meeting.