Plymouth Code Enforcement Officer Keeps Tabs on Tall Grass

Plymouth residents for the most part are heeding warnings from the city’s code enforcement officer to keep their grass cut. Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt says the city has already mowed a dozen or so lawns. When they do, the property owner is charged $35 per hour, with a minimum of two hours billed. Cleanup of junk or trash costs extra.

Marquardt says letters from the city’s code enforcement division have spurred local property owners whose grass is to tall into action. He says most of the problems are at empty houses and vacant commercial buildings with out of town owners.

Grass complaints can be lodged online through the city’s website at The city council discussed the issue during their meeting Monday evening but did not take any action to amend the current ordinance. Councilman Mike Delp noted South Bend is considering a hefty fine in hopes of increasing compliance.