Go from Interested in College to Enrolled in College this Saturday at the Ancilla Enrollment Day

Interested students have the chance to fill out an enrollment application, tour campus, take placement tests, talk to advisers and sample the Ancilla school lunches all for free this Saturday June 19.

Vice President of Enrollment Management Eric Wignall prompts interested individuals to take up this unique opportunity, “Think of it this way; We’re going to give you a free lunch to learn about college. Now what other college nearby is going to say something like that?

With enrollment days scheduled on June 19 and July 23 you can come in and handle everything involved in the admissions process all in one place and then spend the remainder of your summer relaxing instead of stressing about the coming semester. Placement testing begins at 9 am and the remainder of enrollment day events start at noon. Don’t miss your chance to get a jump start on the college admissions process free of charge.