DNR Taking Part in National Boating Under the Influence Campaign

Indiana Conservation Officers will be on the lookout for people drinking and boating this weekend on Indiana waterways. They are taking part in a national Operation Dry Water weekend enforcement campaign. The effort focuses on deterring boaters from operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Officials say alcohol is the leading contributing factor in recreational boater deaths and a leading factor in recreational boating accidents. In 2014, alcohol use was the primary factor in nearly one-fourth of boater deaths. Participating law enforcement agencies encourage boaters to stay safe and sober while on the water.

Environmental “stressors” such as wind, noise, and the movement of the boat while on the water intensify the effects of alcohol or drug use on an individual while boating. Boaters can become impaired more quickly on the water than on land, according to DNR officials. Visit www.operationdrywater.org for more information about the annual awareness effort.