Culver Seeks More Information Prior to Church Sign Decision

The Culver Town Council is hoping to gather more information from a property owner before granting a sign in the right-of-way next to their property.

St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Church has requested placing a sign at the corner of College and Lakeshore Drive. The site is already home to a sign for St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church.

St. Mary Office Manager Jannie Zehner says this isn’t just another display in front of the house.

“They have more signs in the front. If you look at the front, pictures of their home, you have more signs and a big pole in the front,” says Zehner. “Whereas this isn’t even impeding anything.”

Zehner attended the previous Culver Town Council meeting to make the request and ask for approval despite an inability to meet certain setback requirements.

The Town Council suggested a few changes in the look of the sign to help match the sign of the Episcopal Church. Despite Town administration visiting the site and showing pictures to the council, several members wanted to hear the opinion of the owner of the property adjacent to the right-of-way.

Council member Ed Pinder says he drives the route on a regular basis.

“I know that it’s very difficult lots of times to see people coming up over the hill,” says Pinder. “You look right, and then you look left and then I thought ‘jeez, I don’t need anything on the left, but I’m having trouble even seeing up the hill from the[Original] Root Beer stand on the right.”

The Town of Culver does not necessarily have to ask permission of the property owner to use the right-of-way.

Town manager Jonathan Leist contacted the property owner, but was awaiting a final answer. The Town Council tabled the matter until their next meeting.