Culver Removes Sign to Accommodate Major Business Renovation

The Lakehouse Grille in Culver is undergoing a major addition and renovation.

For several weeks, the restaurant has made investments in banquet rooms and outdoor dining space. During the Culver Town Council meeting on Tuesday night, members considered a proposal to remove a U-Turn sign that is apparently blocking sight of the restaurant.

Lakehouse Grille Owner Mark Demore, Jr. joked it’s better to ask permission than forgiveness.

“I’m sure you can tell I have quite the capital investment in that space, and they way I see it, into Culver,” says Demore, Jr. “So I’m asking you to please allow me to move that sign. There’s a couple of spots [Police Chief Wayne Bean] and I discussed. It’s right in the direct line of sight. It’s a horrible eyesore.”

The Culver Police Department was consulted on whether or not the sign should be moved to accommodate the business.

Several Town Council members, while considering the request, made mention of the fact that motorists seldom follow the directions of the sign.

Exactly where the U-Turn sign will be moved remains to be seen. The Town Council voted unanimously to change locations.