Ancilla Signs Credit Transfer Agreement with St. Joe

Ancilla College has signed an agreement with St. Joseph College that can allow students to transfer credits.

The two colleges are members of the Northern Indiana Catholic College Consortium and allows St. Joseph’s College to work with Ancilla students when attempting to complete an associates degree or four-year degree.

Enrollment Specialist Eric Wignall says it sounds complex, but is quite simple.

“If you earn a college degree at Ancilla College, and you want to transfer that degree to a four-year college like St. Joe’s, the articulation agreement: all that grunt work of making sure everything lines up in the curriculum, that’s all done,” says Wignall.

According to information released by the school, the new agreement will help the state meet its college completion goals. The state of Indiana is particularly interested in helping students complete their degrees in a timely manner.

Ancilla College has worked for some time with St. Joseph’s College to extend the offering. This is one of many agreements the two-year catholic school in Marshall County has with neighboring colleges and universities.

Wignall says this helps the college, but also helps students with job readiness.

“St. Joe’s is a partner with us on a Lilly funded project also with Culment College of St. Joseph so you’re going to see a lot more of this in the future,” says Wignall.

An articulation agreement is also being worked on with Calumet College. That agreement is expected to be completed at some point this year.