After Months of Talks Culver Names EMS Director

The Town of Culver has named their new EMS Director.

During last night’s Culver Town Council meeting, it was learned an offer had been extended for the position and accepted. Local paramedic Kathy Hart was named the new Culver EMS Director.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says the start date was only recently negotiated.

“The starting date I believe we came up with was June 29th… and I believe the candidate has agreed to start on that date,” says Munroe.

The hiring follows months of planning to form a new Culver EMS Department.

Previously, the Town cooperated with the Culver-Union Township volunteer EMS Department. Difficulty was experienced finding enough volunteers to staff the department at all hours.

An ordinance was implemented that allowed Culver to establish its own EMS Department and begin paying employees to ensure better service.

Earlier this year, the Town Council approved Standard Operating Procedures for the new EMS Department. A Vice-Director position was also added to the salary ordinance and was hired by the Town.

Volunteers will continue to remain part of the operations of the Department.