Washington Discovery Academy Celebrates nearly 4 Decades of Service from Candy Poor

1MAXCandyPoorFriday afternoon the Washington Discovery Academy celebrated the accomplishments of Candy Poor who is set to retire this year after 39 years of teaching. Candy started teaching at Washington School as a first grade teacher for seven years. She took some time off to look after little ones and returned to the Washington Discovery Academy and taught as a kindergarten teacher for the remainder of her time.

Teaching is an occupation that requires much patience and passion, which Candy Poor brings to the table. She said “It was one of those jobs that when I first started teaching I went home and said ‘my goodness I would do this even if they didn’t pay me’ Because I have really loved teaching”

Though Candy won’t be teaching any longer that in no way means she’s slowing down. Following her retirement, Mrs. Poor has plenty of plans to keep her busy, “I love to travel and the first thing I’ll be doing is next fall when everybody comes back to school I’m going to head with friends to Australia for a month. That will be my first exciting thing. I also have a family I’m looking forward to spending more time with. My father is 101 and I want to spend more time with him and I have 6 beautiful grandchildren now. Number 7 will come this summer and number 8 will arrive in the fall.”

A luncheon was thrown on Friday afternoon in recognition of Candy Poor’s retirement and a surprise party in her honor was thrown following school that day.