Professional Development Changes Taken under Consideration

The Plymouth Community School Board gathered information from Plymouth High School Principal Jim Condon about a change in the schedule for professional development times for teachers.

Currently, students are released early on Fridays so teachers can collaborate to analyze data and discuss improvements in education in a collective setting. Condon proposed, with the support of the teacher’s association and a study committee, that students arrive an hour late to school on Tuesdays each week beginning in the 2015-2016 school year.

Condon stated that this teacher professional development time will be devoted to reviewing new assessments from the State Board of Education. Ongoing curriculum needs and assessments are the focus to meet the needs of student learning.

There may be instances where a child has to be to school early due to a parent’s work schedule. Condon assured the school board that a plan is in place. He said there would be adequate supervision given by certified staff to provide that security and safety to all children.

The weekly meetings are better for teacher performance than professional development days spread out throughout the school year, according to Condon. He mentioned that weekly meetings provide immediate feedback of student performance and the opportunity to dig deeper to structure needs for the students.

Superintendent Dan Tyree said information will be sent home to parents to gather opinions on the change.

The school board members took the information under advisement. A decision will be approved during their June meeting.