Polls Open today for City of Plymouth Primary Municipal Election

Residents in the City of Plymouth are encouraged to exercise their right to vote in today’s City of Plymouth Primary Municipal Election.

The polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET at the National Guard Armory for Center 1 and Center 2 precinct voters in Plymouth. The Knights of Columbus will be the polling site for Center 3 and Center 4 precinct voters.

The Marshall County Clerk’s Office received 179 total absentee votes. Of those votes, 12 mail-in, 97 travel board, and 71 walk-in ballots were collected. Those ballots will be tallied along with the results when the polls close this evening.

The Mayoral candidates include Incumbent Republican Mark Senter, Democrat Rex A. Crump, and Democrat Anthony P. (Tony) Gamble. Republican Jeanine M. Xaver is the lone candidate for Plymouth Clerk-Treasurer.

Seven candidates have filed for the three available Plymouth Common Council At-Large seats. They include Incumbent Republican Mike Delp, Republican Christopher R. Berdahl, Democrat Gary L. Cook, Democrat Jeffery R. Houin, Republican Burke L. Richeson, Democrat Joshua Walker, and Republican Bill Walters.

Incumbent Republican Duane L. Culp is seeking another term as the District 1 candidate on the Plymouth Common Council. In District 2, Incumbent Republican Don Ecker, Jr. is the lone candidate. Incumbent Republican Wayne A. Smith and Democrat Shiloh Fonseca are vying for the District 3 seat and Incumbent Republican Shawn Grobe is looking to represent District 4 for another term.