Plymouth Officials Remind Residents of Yard Waste Restrictions

The City of Plymouth will pick up grass clippings and a branch or two from residential yards but will not haul off waste from professional contractors. Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt says doing so costs the city too much money. He adds it’s still a perennial fight with some property owners. Marquardt told the board of works this week a resident asked him why the city cut down a chipped a tree two blocks from her house but couldn’t do hers. He explained the tree the street department cleared was owned by the city. 

Marquardt also urges owners of building lots to check with the city before clearing their property. He says it should be factored into the building cost and is not the city’s responsibility.

Marquardt adds the city’s brush pickup is intended for routine residential disposal. He says the city may have to adopt a more formal waste policy to clear up confusion. Nothing has been proposed at this time.

City officials urge anyone with questions about the policy to call the street department at 574-936-2017.