New Shell Building Ready for Business

The new shell building in Plymouth is ready for occupancy.

Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter, Dan Zuerner from Garmong Construction, PIDCO Board President James Faulstich, and Mike Miley, Vice President of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission spoke about the city’s bright future with economic development in a ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday. Officials officially welcomed the opening of the expandable 45,000 square foot building on the corner of Pioneer Drive and Commerce Street in Plymouth.

Bill Davis, Board Chairman of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation, says the board realized that there weren’t a wealth of facilities available for potential business or industry leaders looking to begin business in the county. That’s when the shell building concept was born.

“PIDCO had the land, we had the concept, and we met with Garmong [Construction] and researched them pretty thoroughly,” said Davis. “They had done 40 or 45 of these throughout the state. We just said we’re going to have some place for a prospective client to come in and create jobs for Marshall County. Three-and-a-half years later, here we are!”

Davis says they’re getting closer to finding an occupant for the building.

“We have many prospects. They’re varied with all different kinds of industries and different pay scales. We’re pretty confident that there’s not going to be an issue with us getting a prospect into the building pretty quickly.”

Davis believes that this just a start of the potential for more economic development in Marshall County.

“We’ve already seen this happening in Argos. They bought 80 acres of land. We’ve helped them get that shovel ready, according to the state criteria. If we could get every community as engaged as Plymouth and Argos have been, I think that you’re going to see Culver, Bourbon or Bremen doing the same thing, conceptually, as what we did here.”