New Plymouth Church Holds First Service Sunday

A Warsaw church considering an expansion for two months has seen plans come to fruition.

Members of the Warsaw Community Church were donated the land from Plymouth’s Sunrise Chapel in mid-December. The church that resulted from the donation will be holding its first service on Sunday.

Campus Pastor Bryan Koorey says the Plymouth site follows what the Warsaw site has always believed.

“The new Plymouth campus really does fit into that vision of: wherever God gives opportunity to preach the gospel and make disciples, we’re willing to go and do that,” says Koorey.

That donation only would have come through if Warsaw Community Church agreed to open a new church at the site in the 11-thousand block of East Lincoln Highway in Plymouth.

Several months were spent renovating the interior of the church. New carpet, paint, a sound system, and construction to the auditorium were part of the process. Now that Plymouth Community Church is set to open its doors to the public, 150 members of the Warsaw location will act as volunteers until a congregation has been established.

Koorey says the Sunday service will be contemporary.

“Followed by a live-streamed video of Warsaw Community Church’s Senior Pastor Denny Wilson kind of addressing both that congregation and the Plymouth congregation in a message and kind of casting some vision for the future of both churches,” says Koorey.

Because Warsaw Community Church just took over the site, few service projects have been set up. Koorey says that is part of future plans.

Services will start at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.