IRS Scams Increasingly Common According to Indiana AG

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office says IRS phone scams are leading their list of complaints in 2015.

Hoosiers may be familiar with the scam if they receive a call from the IRS demanding payment for past-due taxes. According to the Attorney General’s office, scammers might threaten arrest and jail time if payment is not received. Investigators largely say victims take drastic steps, fearing possible IRS action.

More than 500 complaints have been received in 2015 about the IRS scam. That’s compared with the 1,100 complaints the scam received in 2014.

This year’s figures have, for the first time, surpassed the previous most common scam “Rachel from Cardholder Services” who promised credit repair for a small fee.

The Attorney General’s office recommends verifying the telephone number calling you is legitimate, checking unfamiliar companies with the Attorney General’s Office, and not wiring money to unidentified individuals.