INDOT Puts Moratorium On Roadwork During Memorial Day

Fewer construction projects will be ongoing on Monday due to the Memorial Day holiday.

The Indiana Department of Transportation says that with major federal holidays such as July 4th and Memorial Day, they cease work.

INDOT Spokesperson Matt Deitchley says the move is largely for holiday travelers.

“We’re going to move all those orange barrels and any other restrictions out of the way so we should get some better travel for all the holiday traffic that’s going to be out there,” says Deitchley.

Certain major projects will keep traffic restrictions and orange barrels in place for safety reasons. A vast majority, however, will be removed.

Road restrictions should be back in place on Tuesday morning. There are relatively few road construction projects in Northwest Indiana.

Deitchley says the projects that are ongoing are long-term.

“The majority of the restrictions that are in place are restrictions that have been there for several months and ones that people are particularly well aware of in that area,” says Deitchley.

Though road projects will not be taking place, INDOT crews will be available to handle emergency situations.

Construction zone speed limits will remain due to changed traffic patterns for both worker and motorist safety.