Electric Vehicle Owners Offered Charging Station in Plymouth

A bit of infrastructure is now in place for what could be the future of motor vehicle transportation.

NIPSCO, Pine Creek Plaza, and Mancino’s Pizza and Grinder’s have been working to install Plymouth’s first charging station for electric cars. The charging station allows owner’s of electric vehicles to receive the energy necessary for the car to continue traveling, and provides a stop along U.S. 30 for long-distance travelers.

According to information released by the individuals providing the service, electric vehicle sales jumped 23-percent in 2014 compared to the previous year.

Installing an electric vehicle charging station came to fruition through an incentive provided by NIPSCO – which offers the “IN-Charge Around Town” program. It’s conducted in conjunction with South Shore Clean Cities to help build more charging stations.

The next closest charging station, according to the press release, is in Mishawaka.

The electric vehicle charging station in Plymouth is located in the parking lot of Pine Creek Plaza.