Culver Scrutinizes Timetable for Water Treatment Facility Upgrades

A couple of meetings have been scheduled in the Town of Culver to help keep a project in line with potential funding options.

A water treatment facility has been designed, but bids for the construction and renovation of the site were delayed from earlier this month until May 21st. Due to the change, the Town of Culver has been worked to ensure its ducks are in a row.

Using an Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) grant, the Town hopes to fund a large portion of the work to the Water Treatment Facility. A change in the bid schedule does not affect those funds.

According to Clevenger, however, the changes could affect whether the Town can receive funds from the state of Indiana’s Revolving Loan Fund, if certain deadlines are not met.

“Their fiscal year ends June 30th, so if we didn’t get this project closed, there was no guarantee we were going to get our funding after June 30th,” says Clevenger.

In keeping with the timetable, the Culver Town Council will be considering a bond ordinance to fund the remaining portion of the water treatment plant in June. That ordinance will be introduced at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Town Council members have agreed to abstain from discussion on water fluoridation at the treatment plant until bids for construction at the site have been accepted.