Culver Schools Approve RIF After Search for Alternatives

The Culver School Board continues to work through budget issues.

During last night’s meeting, members begrudgingly approved a Reduction in Force notice for two positions. Reductions in Force are often proposed as a temporary measure to reduce costs while awaiting additional revenue, but can be permanent.

Among the positions reduced is an Industrial Technology position, or shop teacher; the other a special education position. Culver Schools Superintendent Vicki McGuire says she considered all options.

“I have met with the teacher’s association a couple of times to discuss the situation and alternatives to the RIF,” says McGuire. “I’ve done everything I know to avoid a Reduction in Force and to get the smallest number of certified positions to be eliminated.”

Like many rural communities, Culver has been affected by discussions in Indianapolis to reform the school funding formula.

The move to reduce the staff by two positions comes amidst declining enrollment for the school corporation and a subsequently reduced level of funding from the state. School Board members heard a presentation on the fiscal year budget figures Monday that partially determined there could be revenue to gain from state funding reimbursements.

Still, McGuire said after the meeting the RIF should be considered permanent.

“If for some reason, we come into a lot of money, then we would definitely consider brining people back, but if you’ve seen our budget, that’s not going to happen for a while,” says McGuire.

The School Board approved a resolution supporting a Reduction in Force on a 5-1 vote.