Culver Receives Bids for Water Treatment Upgrades, Flouride Decision Forthcoming

The Town of Culver has awarded bids for a new water treatment facility.

Town Council members have worked for some time developing plans for the new site, but before work can begin, the company conducting the work must first be selected.

Bids for the water treatment facility and water storage tank were pushed back from earlier this month to last Thursday. Two bids were received for the storage tank – which will hold the water during the treatment process. Three bids were received on the water treatment plant, itself.

According to Leist, bids came in under budget with the low bids for the tank and facility coming in at $511-thousand and $1.18-million, respectively.

The designs included an alternate bid for water flouridation. The Town Council previously put further discussion on hold until the bids had been received.

Leist says the bid was set-up to show how much would be saved by not using fluoridation.

“The most it would save us is $26-thousand,” says Leist. “The least was $18,500. And the deduction from Michiana [Construction] – which was the low bidder was $24- thousand.”

The low bids were recommended and awarded during Tuesday night’s Culver Town Council meeting.

Construction work is anticipated to be completed by the end of this year.