Culver Delays Water Flouridation Discussions

The Town of Culver has, for now, delayed further discussing water fluoridation.

Design and development plans for a new Water Treatment Plant are at the stage where the Town can make a decision regarding the use of fluoride in the water system. The chemical is commonly used in the prevention of tooth decay.

Bids for the plant were expected to be reviewed by the Town Council on Thursday. That bid opening has been pushed back to take place on May 21st.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says addressing issues with fluoridation and the water plant may still need more time.

“The bids are still out, delayed for a little bit,” says Munroe. “So I think we could table this until the next meeting, possibly later than that.”

Critics of using fluoride have said it corrodes piping at the treatment facility. Prior to finalizing a decision on its use, however, the Town Council wanted a cost comparison.

Companies submitting bids on the work may be able to provide a cost differential between using fluoride and abstaining from use.

Local dentists have addressed the town council on more than one occasion to express their support for fluoride use. The Town has spent several weeks tabling the item on their agenda for further consideration.