Culver Business Professionals Students Compete at Nationals After Fundraising Efforts

Students participating in an extracurricular at Culver High School were able to raise a considerable amount of cash in a short amount of time.

It was announced during Monday night’s Culver School Board meeting that Business Professionals of America students will be able to attend a national competition this month.

Board member Jim Wentzel says the donations were impressive.

“Thanks for the donations, that’s great. BPA, that’s really something,” says Wentzel. “Too bad we can’t teach that to the state of Indiana how to raise money that fast.”

The BPA allows students to practice business skills in several categories, including: design and development, technical skills, and presentations.

Several students qualified for the BPA’s national competition after placing at a state level competition. Budgets previously disallowed the students from competing at the national level.

In order to attend, about $12-thousand needed to be raised. That includes the cost of flights, meals, and accommodations. The students’ parents were still responsible for fun activities.

Donations have been slowly collected over the last several weeks from area businesses. Students also set-up a “GoFundMe” account to raise thousands of dollars.

The National Competition took place this week.